Great Tips for Preventing and Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair – no matter what, it’s removal seems to be not easy most of the time. No matter how much you try to avoid it, if you’re the owner of a cat, dog, or any other hair shedding mammal, you’re going to run into the issue of pet hair sooner or later.

What are some things that can be done which will hopefully lead to less pet hair to deal with around the house, and what can you do (if anything!) once it’s there to get rid of it? This article will discuss some of the tools that can help in pet hair removal.

Following are some of the great tips that you can follow:

1. Brush Pets Frequently

Especially during warmer months when it’s expected that your household animals will be shedding a lot of hair, try to keep them brushed as much as possible. Shaggy dogs especially can shed a ton of hair, and ensuring that they’ve been brushed every few days or so can really cut down on the amount of hair that’s left laying around the house. It’s going to come off either way, so you’re better off getting it all in one place than strewn around the house!


2. Pet Hair Removal Tape or Adhesive Rollers

These have become very popular and widespread in the past decade or so, and if you have a pet you’re probably already aware of them. If not, these kind of rollers feature what looks like a paint roller on a handle. The surface of the roller is a sticky adhesive, just like a very wide roll of scotch tape. You simply roll the roller on your clothing or other fabrics/surfaces you’re trying to get rid of pet hair from and most of it gets picked up rather quickly. The rollers typically have multiple “sheets”, which can just be torn off and disposed of, revealing a fresh, new sheet of adhesive underneath.


3. Special Fabric Sprays

There are also special fabric sprays available for purchase which can be used to eliminate the static cling that generally makes pet hair stick to the clothing or furniture. These don’t always work indefinitely, but can make a decent preventative measure for furniture or clothing that you aren’t wearing at the moment. Apply some of the spray to furniture a few times a week or so, as well as clothing that’s currently unworn in order to avoid pet hair from collecting on them over time.


4. Vacuum Cleaners with Upholstery/Rubber Attachments

Vacuum cleaners with upholsteryNo doubt that vacuum is the most popular tool for pet hair removal. Some vacuum cleaners like canister and handheld cleaners feature an upholstery or pet hair removal tool along with them. They tend to be a simple attachment which is placed on the end of where the vacuum makes contact with the surface.

Often made of rubber, these attachments will forcefully lift the pet hair from the carpet, furniture, or even clothing (such as a winter coat, for example) by dragging the hair off of these surfaces.

Generally the issue with a normal vacuum cleaner is that despite its suction power, it won’t be able to pick the hair up because of static cling to the various fabrics of your clothing, furniture, etc. Vacuum cleaners that feature an upholstery tool or those specifically designed to remove pet hair typically will make the best vacuum for pet hair removal.


3 Most Important Features to Look For in a Pet Hair Vacuum

  1. Bagless Cleaner

When you have pets you know that you will be vacuuming up a lot of pet hair.  That means you will be purchasing a lot of replacement bags if the vacuum is not bagless.  It is a lot easier and economical to empty a canister than to constantly buying or ordering more bags.  There is nothing worse than to be expecting company and finding out your vacuum bag is full and you are out of bags.


  1. Upholstery Attachment

An attachment that has a roller brush to remove pet hair from upholstery is an answer to prayer.  No more arm breaking manual brushing which is mediocre at best.  A roller brush attachment does for your furniture what a roller brush does for your carpet.  This is especially important when you need to vacuum cat hair off your furniture.


  1. HEPA Filters

Vacuum that come with HEPA filter is always more efficient in removing pet orders.  Need I say more?

When you are looking for a reliable vacuum for pet hair you want to keep the above in mind.  Then you want to look for other features that fit your needs.



These are just a few ways to keep yourself from going crazy about the pet hair piling up in your home. If you stay vigilant and try to prevent it before it becomes a big problem, you’ll find that it’s much more manageable!

After all getting a vacuum that is specifically designed for pet hair removal can be a great help when dealing with pet hairs.

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